Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Other Accomplishments From the Weekend

Dad and I spent the weekend tiling, but Mom was busy, too.  She caulked around the frame of the new door and painted it.  She cut and painted shelves for the master bedroom closet.  That took a while because the wood had previously been painted blue and yellow - she needed many coats.  She was going to rehang the linen closet doors when she realized that they had gotten messed up when drying from their first paint job.  So, she scraped the bumps off and repainted - needing many coats.  They're now ready (again) to be rehung.  She also touched up the exterior paint around the electric panel.  The panel has been replaced since painting and was moved slightly, so original color was visible.  She also painted the wire that was run through so it wouldn't be so noticeable.  While none of the tasks Mom accomplished were exciting, they were all necessary.  Yay!

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