Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recent House Happenings

So, the work on the house has slowed down a bit; we're nearing completion!  In the last 2 weekends, we just worked three days.  We got the toekicks installed in the kitchen, as well as the ceiling trim around the cabinets.  Mom painted part of the super hot wall, but has now decided that it really can wait for cooler weather.  Dad removed the old posts from the front porch and replaced them with more substantial ones that look much nicer.

Next weekend, the last major project: redoing the shower.

Things still left to do: exterior paint (the super hot wall and the trim)
                                  closet doors
                                  bathroom ceiling trim

Monday, August 15, 2011

Things That Begin With G

Grout and Garage!

That's what Dad and I worked on while Mom was out of town.

Friday morning we grouted the kitchen tile.  First, we applied the grout with our trowels.  After it hardened for a bit, we wiped the excess off.  Over and over and over and over and over again.  Eventually, it was wonderfully shiny again.

I totally love it!

That afternoon we bought some wood for trim in the kitchen.

Saturday was a half-day of work, but we accomplished a lot.  I had saved the cabinets from the kitchen when I took them out.  We spent the morning installing them in the garage.  There wasn't enough space for the full L of the lower cabinets, so we didn't install the smaller part, which was kind of broken from being removed anyway.  We were able to install both the upper cabinets, but not their doors.  They were stupidly designed so that the door doesn't go the full length of all the cabinets and cuts off about a foot of the top shelf.  We decided no doors would be more functional.  On top of the base cabinet, we used an old door from the removed garage conversion as a counter top.  It fit perfectly so we didn't have to cut it in anyway!

Sunday, we installed pegboard in the garage corner and I moved in a bunch of stuff.  The garage is now totally clean and I can park a car in there!

I also converted the nearest outlet from a 220 one to a 110 one so that will be quite useful.  Dad fixed a kitchen outlet that was sticking out from the tile too far.  He then caulked the connection of the kitchen tile to the counter.  Apparently that was a pain since the counter was wood.  The caulk doesn't wipe up nearly as well as on tubs and tiles.  I also got the kitchen trim pieces rubbed with Minwax so they'll be ready to go up next weekend.

We're so close to being done.  It's awesome.  I'll keep you posted about an open house coming in the future.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Other Accomplishments From the Weekend

Dad and I spent the weekend tiling, but Mom was busy, too.  She caulked around the frame of the new door and painted it.  She cut and painted shelves for the master bedroom closet.  That took a while because the wood had previously been painted blue and yellow - she needed many coats.  She was going to rehang the linen closet doors when she realized that they had gotten messed up when drying from their first paint job.  So, she scraped the bumps off and repainted - needing many coats.  They're now ready (again) to be rehung.  She also touched up the exterior paint around the electric panel.  The panel has been replaced since painting and was moved slightly, so original color was visible.  She also painted the wire that was run through so it wouldn't be so noticeable.  While none of the tasks Mom accomplished were exciting, they were all necessary.  Yay!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tile Work!

The day finally arrived for us to do the tile back splash in the kitchen.  I've been waiting for this for a long time.  I designed it months and months ago and finally get to see it come together.

First, everything had to be carefully planned to know how much to cut off the first tile so that the ending ones wouldn't look stupid.  Dad cut those first tiles with his tile saw.  We also got the counters covered with plastic to keep them nice.

When we were ready to begin, Dad mixed up the thinset (thin concrete-like stuff used to attach the tile to the wall) and I dipped the tiles (since they're ceramic, the suck a lot of moisture out of the thinset if they're not wet first).  Dad then applied the thinset to the wall (we chose to not use backer board for this project since strength wasn't a concern).

We then pressed the tiles into place using 1/8 inch spacers.

Along the top of the tile over the sink (no cabinet overhead) I applied some trim pieces.  First, the thinset had to be back-buttered onto the piece.

We kept applying tiles until we were at the corner.  Then, I cut the pieces to fit there.

We removed the spacers and wiped off the excess thinset.  Not enough time for grout this weekend, so we know what we'll be doing next time.